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Creating event contracts can be intimidating.  For most, it’s easier to pass that task off to an attorney.  But what if you are a new event planner, and don’t have the funds to pay a legal professional?

Don’t fret, this article will help you create a basic event contract that will include clauses to help protect your event business.

Before going into the meat of what a contract should contain, it is important to know that you should never agree to provide event services without a contract.

Your contract is a tool that will protect your time, reputation as well as your bank account.  Contracts can serve as a tool to keep you on task, and to set the perimeters of what services you will or will not be offering to the client.

I’ve heard my share of event planner horror stories, (especially new event planners who are eager to build their event portfolio, and get their name out into the event industry,) planners who have taken on clients without having them sign a contract.  Relying only on a word and a handshake, these planners ended up out of hundreds of dollars.

One story in particular that comes to mind.  The story of a shifty bride. A bride that a planner was working with kept changing the date and color scheme of her wedding.  This bride was referred by a family member. Therefore, the planner felt comfortable not using a contract. The planning experience ending up being a catastrophe, resulting in wasted time, and money.